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Q: How does Crossroads Transitions identify boys in need of help?
We partner closely with foster care agencies around Southwest Florida to identify boys aging out of the foster care system who would truly benefit from our program. Transitions Home Residents are boys that are at-risk for homelessness (or are homeless) who would benefit from the support, safety, and structure our program provides to help them become self-sufficient, independent young adults and productive members of our society.

Q: Are there any requirements for boys coming into the program?
A: We identify boys that are in need, would benefit from our services, and are personally committed to their own success. In addition, all applicants must be between the age of 18 – 22, perform at least 20 hours/week furthering their education and/or holding down a job, and sign a Resident Agreement and Daily Chore List that lays out expectations and commitments they must make.

Q: There must be so many boys in need of help. How are boys chosen for the Transitions program?
A: In addition to meeting the above requirements, all applicants come before the Transitions Board of Directors where they share their stories and make a verbal commitment of their desire to become self sufficient and independent. The Board determines which boys are accepted into the program by determining if the boys: meet the requirements, are committed to their success, and could truly benefit from the Crossroads Transitions program.

Q: I want to make a financial donation. How do I do this?
A: We greatly appreciate financial donations so we may serve as many boys as possible. To make a financial donation, visit our Donate page for more information. We are a Non-Profit Organization recognized under IRS section 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

Q: I would like to volunteer my time. How can I help?
A: We greatly value time and skills donated by our volunteers. If you would like to be a part of the action, please refer to our Volunteer page for more information. Volunteers help us serve our mission and serve themselves by receiving an extraordinary sense of value in making a difference.

Q: Who can I contact?
A: See our Contact Page