Crossroads Transitions provides supervised transitional housing for these young men. Most who come through our doors have never learned how to live independently – to take care of themselves, find and keep a job, save money, pay bills on time, cook a healthy meal, or even take care of basic household obligations. At the Transitions Home, residents are required to have active participation toward goals that promote self-sufficiency.

Residents work with the Transitions Home Director to complete an Independent Living Plan which helps identify individual goals including life skills, employment, education, and permanent housing. They learn to do their own shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

While learning these important life skills, residents are also required to complete their education, hold down a job, regularly save a portion of their income so that they are financially able to live independently once they leave the program, and participate in continued regular volunteer work, learning the rewards of serving their fellow man.

There are rules to be observed and expectations are high. Residents attend mandatory house meetings where their responsibilities are explained – and they are held accountable. All the while, our Transitions Home Director is there playing the role that a parent normally does – making sure that these young men fulfill their responsibilities and offering assistance whenever needed.

The Home Director interacts with residents on a daily basis, empowering residents to find work that pays a living wage, save money, develop life skills (including sound decision-making), and secure permanent housing as they venture down the road to independence.